Monday, August 20, 2007

Austin '90s Spank-a-thon

I don't think I'd even heard there was a video for this...

Since the Ed Hall - "White House Girls" video has been removed for some reason (try again?...), I'll post this:

Looking at the user's other video's brought me to this one. Also didn't know they had a vid for this. And so many thematic similarities.

And once you start talking about female-led Austin '90s bands, you'll end up with 16 Deluxe.

Whose singer later had a band with Ed Hall's original drummer.

Long time, no sé

Don't tell me that harassing your favorite bands' blogs doesn't work.

With August's oppressive heat upon us, I checked in on Linus' blog, where last I heard the new album was due in "late summer." So I added a comment:
Last I heard was "late summer." Is that late Houston summer (May-October)?
One day later, news was posted that it would be October 30...
Happy Bnirthday to me!!

Plus, some seemingly innocuous links that take you to album details, including art/liner notes, and even a sample cut!

Read more by clicking the cover art below - and just send all y'all's friends to the LP4 blog itself.

All Things Are Light

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Surgeon General Testimony

Wow, this is getting more coverage than I'd expected. Apparently, the Bush administration is secretive and political, even with regards to science. The administration has issued a denial though.

Heard about it on the radio coming home yesterday.

And it's being blogged and covered in Salon.

O yeah, and Koop was there too.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Such weird stuff ends up on Youtube...

The Mike Gunn "Liska"
[Larry Liska is the LPQ's drummer.]

Linus Pauling Quartet "Switzer"
["Almaron" is The Mike Gunn's 3rd album.]

Walking Timebombs "Junkyard Dog"

The Red Krayola "Hurricane Fighter Plane" (2004)

And kind of a weird thing, with the drummer from 60's Houston band Bubble Puppy:

And a very weird thing with Kenny Rogers:

And if you made it through all that... Your reward is:
Rusted Shut "Shot in the Head/Not Far from It"

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Whoa, Duuuuuuude...

Theoretical physics is bunk!


All this quantum uncertainty, multiverses, and two-way temporal causality, even the big bang's always seemed a little shaky to me. String theory? That one will be highly regarded in 100 years... One thing that never seems to be acknowledged is how much of this "spooky action" could be the result of imperfect measurements.

But these people talk about all this stuff with the confidence of those who considered our flat earth the center of the universe.

I'll just quote one part of this interesting article:

Now if you take that view - that the universe is a gigantic computer - then it leads immediately to the conclusion that the resources of that computer are limited. The universe is finite. It's finite because the speed of light is finite. There's been a finite time since the big bang. So if we have a finite universe, we have a computer with finite resources, and hence, finite accuracy. So once you recognize that the universe is a gigantic computer, then you see that the laws of physics can't be infinitely precise and perfect. There must be a certain amount of wiggle room or sloppiness or ambiguity in those laws.

Sure, first you accept that the universe is a "gigantic computer," then you realize all computers have limited resources, I mean the speed of light is finite, and there you have it, the law of physics can't really be depended on... Simple!

Anyway, this guy's got a point - maybe humanity, having evolved in forward time, is through observation, creating a universe (through backwards time) with the necessary physical laws to allow life to evolve. Simple!

Independence Day, 2007

Happy Birthday, America!!!

JJ's Flags

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Working on a couple of big things for the 'Shtank.

But found a couple things on The Jam/Curtis Mayfield connection.

"Move On Up" cover:

And a two-part interview with Curtis, done by Weller in 1988! Link is a whole YouTube Funk/Soul documentaries Playlist.

More soon...

Saturday, June 30, 2007

And then...

Somewhere in there, all the fish died.

And I also shaved the beard.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Holy crap, I'm on YouTube (PEI)

Here's the East Beach (Cavendish) in video, co-starring me.

[My first video!]

Okay! Back to Canadia!

So then, two months later, I went back up to PEI - this time for three weeks! In April, the winter had eased up, although snow had just dumped down over Easter weekend. The group of local kids on my flight from Montreal mentioned it, and I later found out it was a huge whiteout snowstorm that took the town from no-snow to piles-everywhere overnight. There was a big, cheering crowd awaiting our flight, and it turned out these kids had just won 2nd place in the national juniors Curling competition.

Since I was going to be living in Canada for so long, I decided to live like a native. So, I ate great seafood and drank Maritimes beer. By the way, I mentioned previously that PEI is known for their Island Blue Mussels - true enough. But apparently, their biggest agricultural product is potatoes, and several signs around refer to "Spud Island"...

[Picture is portal to a collection of Kris-pix!]

Mostly I worked. I'll spare the details. But I did get to the Racino - no horse races that day, and I played slots as long as I could stand it with no poker seats opening. Apparently, the Blackjack was coming around this summer. Another vice law change in the works: beer (and "pop") will soon be available in aluminium cans (nothing but glass bottles island-wide now). Also Sunday shopping has been approved, and many consider it the province's way of opening up retail alcohol sales on Sunday. Liquor stores are the only place to buy carry-away, and they are 100% government! I also visited the comic book store and bought this book.

Okay! The only real ray of sunshine during my trip (both figuratively and literally) was the long weekend Kristine came up. We had a great time, we rented a car, drove around a bunch, and you might not believe me if not for her pictures (click above example for more). Skies were gray and cloudy up until the day she arrived, but for the whole time she was there, it was really, really beautiful and sunny.

On Saturday, we drove up to Green Gables in Cavendish. Unfortunately, this iconic location wasn't open on Saturday. So we went to the nearby north shore, where we saw crazy cliffsides, next to grassy dunelands, next to a beautiful beach. The cliffs area was especially amazing with jutting, dark red clay crags battered by deep dark blue waters. It was primordial.


We saw New Glasgow, on the(ir) River Clyde, and this whole island somewhat resembled the Scotland of most of their ancestors. We drove down to Summerside, start of the North Cape Coastal Drive - see icon at bottom. We saw the Confederation Bridge - longest bridge over waters that freeze. If you make it to the island, don't miss the south shore's Victoria-By-The-Sea. We went because of the name, and it's as quaint as it sounds. Not at all set up for tourists (much unlike Cavendish/Green Gables), but it has an awesome 1950's or 60's fire engine.

Kristine eventually made it back to Green Gables (she read the book as a girl) when I returned to work, and we also had a great time in Charlottetown. She took my new favorite picture of myself in the fanciest restaurant we could find (clandestinely due to the fancitude):


North Cape

The North Cape Coastal drive is something we missed, but I saw the sign a few times and really wish I could have gotten a t-shirt with the symbol on it. Great design!

P.S. The more I think about it, the more I think I got two events reversed. Now I think the Curling kids were in February, and the NHL playoffs started in April. This is why you blog in real-time, kids!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

More Magic Pictures

This popped up pseudo-randomly (or not at all) on Flickr.

Pretty interesting photo approach - click for set:


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Whooo boy!

Speaking of my neighborhood, one week and two blocks away...

LP4, 2007

The Linus Pauling Quartet will be playing the 4th of July, at Rudyard's!

Ashes in the ...


Be there, or be elsewhere.

In The City

Before we go back in time again, here are some modern (or contemporary, or taken-today) pictures of my "fonky" neighborhood. Full set, plus "Insomnia" diptych.

Pollo Metallo

Thing 1

Hot Rubberized Crack

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Okay! Back to the, uh... past.

[First off, per Carey's request, I've now uploaded a batch of select Chicago '06 photos here. Photos by Kristine!]

So, soon after the new year, in February, I was sent on a business trip (one of two so far) to the frosty climes of Chalottetown, Prince Edward Island. For one week!


It's a sleepy seaside city, until summer - when it becomes the Florida Keys of eastern Canada. It's probably pretty hopping right now, with all it's beaches and campgrounds, pubs and discotheques. In February, it was bitterly cold... snow piled up everywhere, Atlantic winds whipping around - really great change from Texas.

The Stanley Cup playoffs were just starting, and I picked the Ottawa Senators to root for (no lie). Not too shabby, they only ended up losing in the Finals to the freaking Anaheim "Ducks".

Also, PEI is famous for their Blue Mussels - but really, I ate a lot of seafood and it was "all good" (as the kids say).

In addition to a bunch of work, I bought a disposable camera and took off to wander around. Click to see all the photos fit to view:

I am no photographer, and I basically got to roam as far around as I could during a cancelled interview slot. So, not bad!